Rear Bumper Fillers

Smoothie Rear Bumper Filler

Part # SP100R
MAP $400.00

Our legendary one piece design. No split or step in the middle. We think it’s how the factory should have done it. Most others agree. 

NEW Step Rear Bumper Filler

Part # SP102R
MAP $400.00

Same as our one piece design. Just has the factory appearing step in the middle. For those that want our legendary fit and straightness, but want the factory look of a two piece filler. The GNX crew has been bugging us for years to do this.

  • Fits 81-87 Buick Regals.
  • Hand-laid fiberglass.
  • Predrilled and ready to install.
  • Does not require a flex agent or adhesion promoter if painted.
  • Made in the USA.

Note: These come in a very nice, gloss black gel coat finish. While they are not a perfect match to black paint, they are very close. So close that 80% of people just throw em on and go. Pro tip. Buff and wax them just like the rest of the paint on your car and they’ll match even better.

Spoolfool’s 1 piece rear bumper fillers are really beautiful. Fit and finish is exceptional. My car looks so much better with it on the rear, it makes me feel like I have a brand new car. 

Gary Wells

  • Top quality, fit, and finish!
  • Can be painted to match.
  • Quality that can’t be beaten!
  •  In stock and ready to ship
  • Pricing subject to change
  • Made in the USA