Who We Are

Spoolfool Productions is the creation of Turbo Buick owner Mike Barnard, AKA Spoolfool. Besides being an avid snowboarder, surfer and skydiver, this Army Vet has a deep passion for innovating parts for Turbo Buicks. Back in 2012, Mike crafted his own unique version of the Buick Regal 1981-1987 rear and 1984-1987 front bumper fillers. Today, Spoolfool Productions is made up of a hand full of So Cal, surfing adrenaline junkies, with a passion for integrity, quality and value.

Thanks for the overwhelming support. Watch for new products coming soon.

Happy Spooling.

Random Pics and other Stoopid stuff

Spoolfool in Fontana

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Trust me, there's more!  Visit Mike "Spoolfool" Barnard's YouTube page.