Drip Lip

The Oil Catch Thingy

Spool Fool Drip-Lip Torque Converter Shield

Drip Lip

Part # SPDL
MAP $160.00

  • Catches most drips off the back of the 3.8 Turbo Buick engine.
  • Keeps rear main leaks off hot crossover pipe, floor and track.
  • Changes the smell of your dripping car.
  • Must have for show, race or any Turbo Buick.
  • Will work with 400 trans. Must oblong top holes.
  • This is only for Turbo Buicks that leak oil. 🙂
  • Made in the USA.

I’ve had it installed on my GN for 5 months now and not a single drop of oil on the floor since then. I just started the car up last weekend and confirmed there was no oil under it. The paper towel insert had very little oil on it and did not need to be replaced. Great product.

Turbo Jay

  • Top quality, fit, and finish!
  • Can be painted to match.
  • Quality that can’t be beaten!
  •  In stock and ready to ship
  • Pricing subject to change
  • Made in the USA